European conferences on African studies

ECAS conferences

AEGIS organises the biennial European Conference on African Studies (ECAS). 

The 8th European Conference of African Studies will be held in Edinburgh from 12 to 14 June 2019. ECAS8 will be hosted by the Centre of African Studies, University of Edinburgh

ECAS 2017 (Basel)

ECAS 2015 (Paris)
ECAS 2013 (Lisbon) (ECAS Conference Proceedings)
ECAS 2011 (Uppsala)
ECAS 2009 (Leipzig)
ECAS 2007 (Leiden)
ECAS 2005 (London)

Gerti Hesseling Prize 

The Gerti Hesseling Prize is an award for the best journal article by an African scholar published in an AEGIS-affiliated academic Journal. The prize is presented at every ECAS meeting.